JUNE SHIPPING AGENCY is one-stop partner in the supply of provision and store for marine industry. Our company encompasses strategic ports and marine facilities in Ukraine forcing to achieve direct benefits and business needs of our principals. Our services are provided for the vessels in port and offshore, whether it is at berth, anchorage or outside port limits regardless unit type, class, size or specification.

Company warehouse volumes allow to stock variety of marine general consumable goods and evaluate systematical inspections given immediate response to customer demands. All products are accompanied by certifications as per appropriate standard. Our commitment to excellence made us reputable and long lasting player.

Fresh Provisions and Bond Stores
We Supply: Cruise lines, navy ships, Oil Rigs, off shore platforms and trade vessels with provisions requirements maintaining the international health codes.

Frozen prime meat, poultry, dairy products and dry stuff are sourced from famous brands from all over the world considering variation in crew nationalities to meet the different tastes Our refrigerator trucks deliver orders at any of the EGYPTIAN Ports.

Bonded Stores Beverage, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs are available at highly competitive prices.

We Deliver fresh organic vegetables direct from farm to you.

Ship's crews and passengers from all over the world, with all kinds of religions and specific needs are served.

Bunkers, Lub Oil & Fresh Water
Bunkers, Lub, Oil & fresh water supply We supply Fuel oil, Lub oil, and fresh water offering the best available effective Rates, securing delivery on the right time.

Sludge & Slops disposal by barges or trunks
Today, disposal of slops, cleaningwater and engine sludge became a central and important issue in modern ships operations and especially in tanker shipping.

Sea Princess Marine Services Sea Princess Marine Services
Our Services include:-

  • Anti-Freeze disposal
  • Batteries removal and authorised disposal
  • Bilge Water Removal and Disposal
  • Collection of Hazardous Waste from Ships at EGYPTIAN Ports
  • Confined Space Man-Entry
  • Dedicated Collection Vehicles
  • Disposal of Water,Sludges
  • Drilling Muds
  • Drilling Waste
  • Drummed & Packaged Waste Collections
  • Gas Free Certifications
  • Harbour Oil Removal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Marine Oil Recycling
  • Marine Slops Removal
  • Off Specification Bunker Fuels Removal
  • Oil & Chemical Spill Containment
  • Oil Filters
  • Oil Slop Collection
  • Slops Removal
  • Specialist Pumping Equipment for Difficult Access Liquid Waste
  • Supply & Disposal of Containers & Solid Waste
  • Tank Cleaning & Decontamination of Cargo
  • Tank & Bilge Cleaning

  • Deck Capin & Engine Stors & Technical Stores
    Quality of service is essential to us and we undertake all repairs within pre-agreed budgets and time frames.
    With our technical expertise and local market knowledge, we undertake on our customers behalf to carry the following specialised services:

    * Cabin-safety-stationary-deck-engine-chemicals coating-lashing equipments.
    * Mooring & Towing ropes
    * Steel wire ropes galvanized or not and its accessories.
    * Anchors, anchor chains, shackles and lashing equipments.
    * Marine chemicals and tanks cleaning materials.


    * Coating, painting and its equipments.
    * Personal safety and protective gears.
    * Marine and industrial fire fighting equipments.
    * Safety, IMO signs and rescue equipments.

    * Hoses, coupling and nozzles for marine and industrial use
    * Marine electrical fittings.
    * Electronics and navigational equipments.
    * Pneumatic and electrical tools(decaling, grinding Equipments).
    * Pneumatic and electrical pumps and winches.
    * Hand and cutting tools.
    * Measuring instruments.

    * Metal sheets and bars.
    * All types, shapes of bolts, nuts and washers.
    * Carbon steel pipes tubes and its fittings.
    * All types of marine and industrial valves.
    * Packing and jointing materials.
    * Welding and cutting equipments.
    * Hoists of all types .

    Safety & Medical Equipment
    We provides vessels with all that they need in matters of safety. Safety is one of the major significant issues, wide ranges of products from the leading safety equipments manufacturing companies are available to meet your needs for your convenience.
    Best quality professional service and friendly environment. Whether you require new or used liferaft, USCG approved liferaft service, EPRBs, Immersion Suits, emergency flares, inflatable boat sales/repairs, or just advice on current vessel safety regulations.


    * Life boats survey , Life rafts survey , Fire extinguishers (fixed and portable) survey, refilling, testing * Breathing apparatus survey, refilling, testing , Life boats overload testing , Life boats # Life boat equipments , Life rafts , Life raft equipments , Rescue boat , All type of fire extinguishers * Fire hoses , Hose couplings , Fire hose nozzles , Fire blankets , Fireman's outfits

    * British Admiralty * POD * NOAA/DMA/NIMA
    Electronic Charts:
    * CMAP * MapTech * Navionics * Nautical Books, Flags Signs & Posters Insturments, Training manuals, Operating instructions, Log books, IMO symbols, IMO Publications, British Publications, USCG Publications

    Parcels Custom Clearance
    Our office taking all necessary measures to clear your spare parts parcels ensuring fastest dispatch to reach vessel or destination worldwide at the right time and at the most economical rates.

    Spare Parts consignment: We make the most use of our strategic location in the middle of trade shipping route (Suez Canal) to present our clients with an outstanding service, holding their spare parts consignment in our tax free warehouses to be delivered or distributed among their vessels frequently calling our ports.

    Ship Yards & Docking Facilities
    We are contracting with floating docks in both ends northern and southern of the Suez Canal which means that all repairs and maintenance assignments can be carried out close to the shipping route and close to the oil industry.

    Having direct access to the red sea at the southern entrance of the Suez Canal docks is a perfect tool to offer a wide range of services to international customers and marine operators’ docks providing professional repairs and maintenance within the fields of:

    * Maintenance of hull and steel structures
    * Surface treatment, grid blasting, tank coating and painting.
    * Maintenance and upgrading of information technology electrical, electronic as well as navigation systems.
    * Voyage repairs and machine inspections

    Floating dock has lifting capacity of 55.000 tons which is really rare in this part of the world. Heavy sections can also be handled without any problems by the gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tons, with a lift period of less than 2 hours with a full load 55.000 tons; operations can be initiated with limited loss of up-time.

    Spare Parts Supply
    Re-new your Spare parts according to makers instruction using the most advanced facilities, with complete range of inspection and measuring instruments, modern material handling system, sand blasting, MPI crack testing hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic thickness gauging, hardened testing etc., to meet the most stringent quality requirements providing class society certificates when required.

    Spare parts for main and auxiliary engines, by European and Japanese suppliers, new or second hand: We undertake deliveries to all ports in EGYPT. with our most competitive prices.

    Portable Equipments Rental
    We offer the best solution in critical situation, providing class approved equipments for short or long lease:
    * Pneumatic rubber fenders
    * Life rafts
    * Ventilators
    * Sandblasters scaffolds
    * High pressure hold washing machines
    * Welding equipments
    * Pneumatic and electrical shipping machine
    * Sound proof generators
    * Containerized fire fighting system
    * Air compressors
    * Cargo pumps
    * Chemical cargo hoses
    * Marine power cable