-  Vessel, tug and towing vessel agency

It’s so easy to get for the vessel copy of its certificates and delegation from the owner to be your agent in Egypt to serve your equipment

-  Arrangement all Suez canal transit procedures

June Shipping provides to his client PDA (Performa Disbursement account) to his equipment according to the equipment specifications. And studies the route line of the ship and wether the equipment can obtain the rebate on its voyage or not, If yes, we send the needed information in order to have a saving cross through Suez Canal

We usually get ETA for the Master before arriving within 4 days and Master sends June shipping the data such as L x-name, last transit date, IMO class, deck cargo if have in order to finish all procedures to avoid any missing convoy delaying

Here is the documents JUNE Shipping requires:

1-   Registration Certificate

2-   General arrangement plan

3-   Capacity plan

4-   Suez canal tonnage cert. (if have)

5-   Engine room plan

6-   Cargo manifest (if have cargo on board)

7-   Towing booklet book

8-   CLC banker

9-   Rick removal cert.

10- Ballast water cert. & plan

-  Customs clearance In / Out

1-   For Sea Fright, June shipping provides Customs clearance for all ship services in the shortest time possible suitable for arrival/depart time from and to any EGYPTIAN ports.

2-   For Air Fright, We offer best price with shortest time. Our team has a high experience in Customs clearance and is well aware with all documents needed as well as our accounting dept. follows up in order to applying cost control measures to optimize operations effectively and efficiently for client

In June Shipping Agency, we offer:

-          Customs consulting

-          Free zone and transit clearance